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13th Feb 2021

BBQ Nation Hr 1 2/13/21 - Russell Allen

This week on BBQ Nation, Russel Allen, the KCBS World Champion in the Backyard Team of the Year with his Red Bones BBQ Team in the Chicken Division. Russell joins JT to talk BBQ Competitions, Chicken cooking, and competing during the pandemic. Always around backyard BBQ, Russell got some inspiration from a friend, jumped in the deep end, and it did not take long for him to get his skills down. Russell is honest about the mistakes he made in the beginning and how he always strives to get better.

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Known as “The Cowboy Cook”, Jeff Tracy has fond memories of sitting at the dinner table with his family.
Changing this world, one recipe at a time Jeff intends to support urban suburban families that are looking for a way to connect at the dinner table. BBQ Nation is about bringing people together and building relationships that last” says Tracy. BBQ is fun cooking for everyone, not just pit masters or pro’s.

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